Computer vision powering player and object classification and tracking.

Pole position allows for a ‘cameraman-less’ broadcast, reducing production costs and enabling distribution teams to better scale and monetize its content.

From a continuous footage captured in a wide angle of view, the solution identifies and tracks plays, athletes and objects within a game, and frames – zoom and trim – the action or specific targets.

The result is a closed-angle shot, achieved autonomously, and enabler of media distribution and coaching/ scouting initiatives.

The application helps scaling the processes of producing content, enabling added distribution (and viewability) and revenue streams for leagues, teams, players, content owners/ publishers and brands/ agencies.

Fully autonomous!

Use cases for brands and agencies

Segments and tailors content to targets, activating and engaging audiences.

Capture and produce content cost-efficiently and at scale, more opportunities for advertising on top of content.

Optimize engagement via interactivity and gamification, multi screen and multi platform.

Customer intelligence and attentiveness, screen-time holding.