Advertising, info and virtual-graphics effects seamless integrated into the content.

Video manipulation, frame by frame, allowing for real-time digital insertion at scale.

AI-powered digital program insertion making the content/insertion more interactive, seamless and visually appealing.

Frame by frame the solution classifies and tracks objects, allowing for a number of virtual insertions and modifications: advertising, information or any virtual-graphic elements perfectly integrated into the content.

Made for digital, social, mobile and the ever less passive spectator, expecting a tailored experience and demanding top quality in every platform and format.

Mind-blowing effects help create viral videos.

Use cases for brands and agencies

Determines sweet spots for ad insertion, increasing viewability and brand awareness.

Content explored beyond pre-roll ads: in-game banners, motion effects and interactive elements making the brand a part of the game.

Multiple templates and integrations allow for real-time activations – user and event driven.