Computer vision used to breakdown plays and extract statistics and information

Grand slam helps teams scale their scouting related tasks; more data, faster outputs and better analytics.

Real-time action detection, tailored for sports and powered by AI.

Takes the workload of stats and actions detection and annotation, autonomous play-by-play log for selected sports.

Seamless integration in the cloud allows for leagues, teams and players in media to ingest, analyze, aggregate and distribute and monetize on information from content under their management.

No plays are missed and coverage scales with no additional infrastructure or expensive wearable or new hardware of any sort; only a video feed.

Use cases for brands and agencies

-Allows for richer and more personalized content to reach audiences during campaigns, bolstering brand awareness.

Tool for creation of content tailored to social and digital.

Always-on environment for branded content initiatives; brands as publishers of highly engaging content